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Rides in Epcot: Graded Three Ways

I'm often asked what my favorite rides are in Disney World, so I've sorted them by park, and I've graded them three ways:

JMO: This is my preference, which is a balance between nostalgia and thrill, from the perspective of a 3'8" tall adult.

Thrill: This is for people who typically prefer Universal Studios, as the thrill of the ride is mostly what matters.

Kids: This is my perception of how a child would enjoy the ride. Kids generally don't mind getting dizzy or wet, and some are easily frightened by some rides.

A= Great B= Good C= Decent D = Avoid

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros - I absolutely love this ride! For starters, I love eating at the San Angel Inn (which you can read about in another post), and you watch guests ride this as you eat. Second, it features my favorite Disney character, Donald Duck. Third, it's a water ride, which comes along with the classic "water smell." Lately, the line has gotten a little long, but it has a handicap accessible queue which is nice.

Journey Into Imagination with Figment - I preferred the original ride to the updated one, but it's still pretty good. Although there appears to be randomness in the "Smell" room, you always get skunk, which is just a terrible smell. Once you get off, there is a Disney Vacation Lounge for DVC members above the gift shop, which is nice.

Living with the Land - I love this ride, although most people don't. I just am a sucker for water rides, and I find it fascinating to see how they grow some of the fruits and vegetables that guests eat in the park. There are hidden mickeys everywhere on this ride, and there is rarely a wait to get on. It's good to knock out before or after Soarin'.

Frozen Ever After - Disney did a great job re-theming this ride into Frozen. The music, the animatronics and the scenery are all fantastic. And it's another boat ride! You do go backwards at one point, and there is a "drop" at the end. You will most likely get a little bit wet, but you will be dry in minutes. This is one that takes a picture of you while you ride.

Mission: SPACE - There are two versions of this ride: Green or Orange. Green is very tame, although it's not great if you suffer from claustrophobia. Orange on the other hand will make you feel a G-force, which is enough to make me feel sick just writing this. I'm sure air force pilots aren't phased by this, but I sure am. If you've never tried it before, you may love it. I'm a one and done though.

Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée (Remy's Ratatouille Adventure) - Currently, you have to join a virtual queue to ride this. This is the second time Disney has utilized the virtual queue system. I personally like it, as I'm able to schedule my day around it, without it taking up a genie+ reservation. The ride itself is both fun and impressive. It is a 4D ride, so it feels and smells like you're in a French kitchen running around! The whole family should enjoy this one.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends - This is a good ride, often without a long wait. It's very similar to Ariel's ride in the Magic Kingdom, but it has a few surprises. Towards the end of the ride, they place Nemo and Friends inside of a real aquarium, which I thought was a really cool visual. You will be singing "Big Blue World" for hours after riding this ride.

Soarin' - If you only have time to ride one ride in Epcot, make sure it's this one! The technology behind it so cool. One fun fact about this ride is that wherever you ride it will determine the final scene. In Epcot, you'll end in Epcot. If you're in a different Disney park, you'll end in that park. Patrick Warburton keeps you entertained as you wait, and it never seems to get old!

Spaceship Earth - This is another unpopular ride that I can't get enough of! There is rarely a long wait (and no wait if you have a wheelchair). I enjoy the different scenes and just being inside of the iconic "Ball." It definitely needs updating, and I'm sure that will happen soon. I'm not a huge fan of the cartoon at the end, but kids love it.

Test Track - This ride is so much fun! The cars fit three in the front and three in the back, so if your party is bigger than 6, you'll be split up. The first half is indoors, while the second half is outdoors. The queue is entertaining, as you get to build your own car and see prototype cars. Afterwards, you get to see and get inside of the newest Chevrolet lineup!

Epcot isn't really known for its rides. It's more known for its World Showcase (which is a separate post). The few rides that are here are great, and I highly advise doing what my family does: Ride rides in between meals!

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out my other posts grading the rides in the other three parks!


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