Jon Michael is passionate about sharing his unique perspective on:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

  • Helping employees understand unique challenges facing disabled people in the workforce

  • Supporting disabled employees, offering encouragement to overcome each unique challenge they face 

  • Celebrating our differences


  • Knowing where you are is equally as important as knowing where you want to be, which is equally as important as crafting the best solution to get there

  • Solving problems alone often isn't the best course of action

  • Discerning when a problem shouldn't be solved by you


  • Overcoming adversity is perhaps one of the most advantageous decisions a person can make

  • Being overcome by adversity is perhaps one of the most crippling decisions a person can make

  • Providing insight how to create a culture that alleviates adversity

Improving Attitude

  • Giving thanks for the things we have often puts the things we don't have in a much healthier perspective

  • Encouraging being kind to everyone, recognizing, receiving and reciprocating it.

  • Controlling our attitude is one of the few things in life we can do 

If Jon Michael had walked on stage and been six feet tall, he still would have blown us away.

Simon Cowell