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Jon-Michael has the unique ability to make an audience marvel, laugh, cry and learn, all under 60 minutes.

Jon-Michael introduces his audience to the world of dwarfism, which is widely unknown to the general public. He vulnerably shares his life experience for the sake of educating and encouraging those in attendance. His intent is to teach others how to see life through the lens of someone else, which can be foundational for understanding perspectives from unfamiliar backgrounds and cultures. He leaves his audience with a task to be kind to one another, which has a brand new context after hearing him speak. He also weaves in and out his tremendous gift of music, which elevates his session from an inspiring talk to an unforgettable moment. 

If you are interested in booking Jon-Michael to come deliver a DE&I message:

1) Contact us using this form

2) We will set up a free 30-minute consultation where he can gather information to tailor his talk to your specific needs


3) We can send you full-length videos of Jon Michael giving his DE&I presentation

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